Creating a Dog-Gone Supplemental Income Stream

A friend from Oregon read my blog post about the guy building a side-business using vitamins and asked if I could help him.  The project is far-fetched (that joke will make sense in a moment), but Ted is my best friend and I felt compelled to help. Ted and I are dog lovers.  Heck 70%…

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Building a supplemental income stream using podcasting

I had a friend approach me and ask if podcasting could help him build a side-hustle business.  He explained he wanted to generate some supplemental income and had an idea about selling supplements during the COVID-19 crisis.   Let me insert here that I am not much on vitamins and supplements, so I felt a…

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Whatever You Dwell Upon, Grows!

Happy Woman with the chart of metaphysical laws.

There is a metaphysical law of concentration that says, “whatever you focus on, grows.”  Meaning if you focus on the negative parts of life those negative things will grow…but there is a business application as well.  Whatever you focus on in business will grow.  Lets apply this concept to our internet advertising efforts. Focus your…

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