Corporate Newsletter to Audio

Printed corporate news letters don’t get read by the people who need to read it. Having Zenith Exhibits convert your corporate newsletter into an audio production increases the number of employees who will listen. Listening to an audio clip is a passive activity, people listen while they walk, drive, fly, do laundry, or sit on the beach. Make your company newsletter easy to consume, let us turn it into a podcast production…the cost is surprisingly low.

Icon-Audio Book Production

Too often corporate newsletter go unread and important information is missed.  We can provide a voiceover reading of your corporate newsletter your employees can listen to on their smart phone while driving to or from work, flying to a conference, or taking a walk.

Spoken words are proven to have a much higher engagement rating than the written word.

How We Charge?

Based on the length of your newsletter, we either charge per word or per project.  Newsletters with less than 2,500 words are charged per word, newsletters longer than 2,500 words are charged a flat fee per project.  Please call to request a free no-obligation quote for your newsletter project.  (208) 209-7170.