Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

In some industries, ranking organically on the first page of the search engines is impossible. For those customers we provide budget-based paid internet advertising on all the major search engines and powerhouse internet communities. We specialize in Google, Facebook and eMail advertising, but can also build and manage campaigns on all the major internet platforms. No matter if you need a remarking campaign on Google or a micro-targeted campaign on Facebook or a very select eMail campaign to past customers, we help bring color to your business in the sea of endless internet white noise.

Request a No Charge One Hour Consultation

Request a No-Charge One Hour Consultation

We know people prefer to do business with people. For this reason we prefer to meet with our future customers to fully understand you needs and business challenges and we don't feel you should not have to pay for that history lesson.

Facebook Micro Targeting

Is your ideal customer someone who likes to exercise at L.A. Fitness, reads Cosmopolitan, likes a Ford Mustang, and has a net worth over $100,000? We can create a micro-targeted advertising campaign on Facebook to put your message in front of those people. With Facebook’s advanced interest, behavior, and demographic based advertising interface we can pin point your target audience on Facebook and drive them to your website for pennies on the dollar. Sound too good to be true? Call us to get a free quote on a Facebook advertising campaign.

Location. Location. Location.

A mantra often chanted as the secret to business success that has never been more true as it is today, especially on the internet. With almost 68% of all searches happening on Google, placing your advertising on Google gives your business maximum opportunity to reach new customers when they are searching for your product or service.

We provide full service internet marketing support on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We can also help with advertising on Amazon, LinkedIN, Angie’s List, and Yelp.