6 Design Tips for Better Facebook Ads

For many businesses in high competition industries, a paid advertising strategy may be necessary to reach new customers.  With hundreds of options for paid advertising, what should a small business on a limited budget do?  Follow the basic rule of the secret to success in business…”Location, location, location.”  Go where the people are.  There are billions of activities every day on Facebook and advertising on that platform are affordable.  This blog will give you six tips to consider for setting up your ad.  Note, this information is also available over on facebook.com/business.

Tip 1

Show people who are using your product instead of just the products alone. Remember that your ad may show in someone’s News Feed, and it should feel like it belongs there. Your image is competing for people’s attention with stories from their friends and family.

Tip 2

Make sure your ad image doesn’t have too much text. Too much text can lead to your ad being penalized in our marketplace – learn more.

Tip 3

Focus your message. Crop tightly around the important part of the image.

Tip 4

Make sure the images you use are high resolution. Find image size recommendations for your particular advertising objective in the Facebook Ads Guide.

Tip 5

Keep it simple. If you drove past the image at 60 mph, would you understand it?

Tip 6

Show the benefit that people get from your product, not just a photo of the product. For example, don’t just show a picture of a recipe app to convince people to install it; instead, show the meal they could cook if they use it.


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