Business Website Search Engine Performance – Improving Page Titles

Understanding The SEO Mistake

I’m often asked how to increase business website search engine performance.  Being a teacher, I answer the question.  Recently I brought a young woman to tears with my review of her website content–a first in my business.  But her tears highlights a point we all could learn from.

Your page title is the tell.  Your page title is the window to the soul of your message.  Unfortunately, more often than not, I find that the page title field is either blank or improperly focused on the wrong point of the content.

Emotional Connection to The Message

We want your passion for business to be visible on your website, but not from a self serving stand point.  What does that mean?  Hold that thought.

We spend time writing a message, we edit the language, and even practice it on our friends.  We then publish it on the website and share it widely, asking for people to do the same.  Then we watch the website statistics.  We are charged with pride with the sudden spike in traffic and visions of dollar signs dance in our minds.  Then the traffic falls off.  The phone never rings.  We become emotionally shattered.

We seek the advice of a trusted SEO expert and they tell us that our home page content is not focused on the visitor but is instead giving a business biography.  Then you cry.

We get emotionally attached to our website content and hate the idea of changing it.  Lesson one:  Get over yourself if you want improved business website search engine performance.  You are in business to make money and if your home page content is not attracting traffic, then change it.  Whew.  Got that off my chest.  I feel better now.

What is wrong with the following messages?

“I’ve been in business for X years helping people achieve success.”

“We have 100 years of combined experience in the industry.”

“I carry advanced degrees and several certifications in the industry.”

“We are recognized as industry leaders.”

The above are only slightly modified to protect the identity of the individual–but they are opening passages from business websites I’ve recently reviewed.  They are all self serving statements and do nothing to improve your search engine rankings.

Put another way, when was the last time “you” went to google and searched:  “someone with over 100 years experience” or “an industry leader” or “someone who carries advanced degrees and certifications.”

Until now–which I know some of you are performing those searches right now–you’ve never even thought of performing those searches.  If your website opens with self serving phrases, then you are missing out better business website search engine performance.

Business Website Search Engine Performance

Create Visitor Benefit Base Marketing

Create your title first.

Start by looking at the wants and needs of your target customer, then create a title that speaks to them and gives a complete understanding of the content you are presenting to them to read.

Build from your title to provide a quality experience for the visitor.

The primary source for my material is the Google SEO Guide.

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