Differentiation Development

To take your business from ordinary to extraordinary you must first understand what sets you apart from your competition.  Your website becomes an extension of you and your business culture.

The worksheet below will help you formulate the marketing presentation for your statement of differentiation.

Differentiation Worksheet

What are all the benefits of doing business with your company.  Ask employees, customers, friends, family, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors their opinions.  Then organize your responses along these lines:

  1. Which elements are unique or distinctive relative to your competitors?
  2. Which elements are most valued by your customers?

    • Rank order.  Answer how you know this.

  3. Which elements are the most difficult for your competitors to imitate?
  4. Which elements can most easily be communicated to your marketplace?


  1. My product/service offers the following benefits:
    • To these customer types:
  2. My product/service is distinctive in the following ways:
    • Supporting evidence or proof:

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