How does a busy small business owner find the necessary time to use social networking to grow business?

Take small, consistent steps towards a specific goal. The key to successful social network marketing is creating simple, easy to repeat steps that lead towards a specific end.

Before diving into social networking, first jot down some obtainable goals on a blank sheet of paper.  As with ALL business marketing campaigns, you can not achieve success unless you know what success looks like.

Don’t fall into the small business trap of measuring success only by sales.  Sales are important, but thye are the result of extensive effort.  Social networking is assumed to be fast and easy; truth is social networking is neither fast nor easy.

Success should be specific and measurable.  Here are some social networking measurements you could use to determine if your effort is working.

  • Increased number of people following you and your posts.  It is easy to follow others and there will be a certain percentage of those you follow who follow you in return, but the people who follow you first (without you following them) can be a measure of your increased marketing exposure.
  • Increased number of constructive comments added to your posts.  Anyone can add mindless dribble to a social posting, but when the comments are thought out and constructive it could show that you are reaching more influential or thoughtful people.
  • Increased number of links to your business website.  More quality traffic to your website increases your overall website ranking, which will lead to more search engine visibility and more sales.

When creating your success map, be creative and think through the process by which you can measure activity.  Once you have the plan, then you can create the repeatable sequence of steps required to execute the plan.

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