Plan it and they’ll find your business on the internet

Small Business Website Optimization Planning

Your website needs to be a beacon designed to draw people to take action.

It is hard to not view your website as a sales force designed to close deals, but without human interaction, your website can never respond and react to customer wants and needs.  The goal of your website is to advance the call.

A pictures is worth a thousand words, but words are what get you listed on the search engine.  Without traffic, the most beautiful website is worthless.  Construct great content based on the following:

  1. Popular search phrases
  2. Target market focus
  3. Solution driven

Use the Google Keyword Tool to make sure your selected keywords have search traffic.  No searches equals no traffic.  Find alternate keywords that people do use to find services like yours.

Keep your target customer in mind.  If they are analytical and want all the details, give it to them.  If they prefer a slower approach, then tailor your content to pace at the preferred speed of your target market.  Note, if when asked who is your target market for this website–the answer is NOT everyone.  You can not do business with everyone, so narrow your focus to the best potential customers.  Need help with this step, call us for free advice.

Create solution driven content and put your visitor first.  Your website visitor searched for something to solve a problem,.  Provide the answer or give the visitor proof that your service solves the problem.  At this point it is not about you, it is about them.  Re-read the above text and count the number of times the words “I” or “we” are used.

Start your paragraph with the big idea, not how many years you’ve been in business or how many customers you have served–those bits of evidence should be saved for the phone call.  Use the precious web space to support your service offering so Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask are convinced that you are the right website to list in the top ten search results.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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