Are Computers Preparing To Take Over The World?

This is not a prediction from a Neil Postman novel…Facebook actually had to shut down a new A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) system because the computers had developed their own language.  Let that sink in for just a moment…  The computer A.I. created and used a new language to communicate with other computers A.I.’s.

Source:  Facebook engineers panic, pull plug on AI after bots develop their own language

In Neil Postman’s book Technopoly, society was forced to “submission of all forms of cultural life to the sovereignty of technique and technology”.  As the computers got more powerful, they developed a new totalitarian system and imposed their will on people.  It is the 100 year old fear of computers–that they would one day become so smart that they would realize mankind was not kind and thus not worthy of ruling status.

1.28 Billion people use Facebook daily and share more than 4.75 billion pieces of content.  Facebook makes money by reselling the content we publish on Facebook…but there is no change that employees of Facebook could monitor all 4.75 billions of pieces of content.  So it is only natural that the engineers at Facebook would work to create an A.I. that is capable of interpreting and cataloging the content–all for proper reselling the advertisers.  But if the A.I. creates its’ own language, then it is actively hiding from the human’s view.  Just image what an A.I. could do with all of Facebook’s data, access to financial information and market, and tracking knowledge of 1/3 of the worlds population.

Neil Postman would write some excellent books if he were alive today!


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