One light if by land…Two if by Tradeshow?

Listening to our leaders we can conclude the recession is over.  I’m guessing that news came as a surprise to you and your business, but is now the right time to start exhibiting again?  Considering I am a trade show marketing consultant, my answer will surprise you!

While trade-shows are one of the very best ways to capture more leads, if your consumer is not spending, then neither should you.  If your sales are starting to trend up, then YES, by all means get of to the shows and capture new business before your competition does.  However, lets examine a few different ways to generate new business.

Social media can be a powerful lead generator, but it does require a large chunk of upfront time—getting your profiles built and your name inserted into the discussion.  The most powerful part of social media is the price, most all sites are FREE.

Add a business blog to your company website.  Business Blogging is a top of mind marketing strategy.  Later, when you do start exhibiting again, your blog can serve as a communication medium between you and the show attendees—giving your company brand name more exposure.

Don’t forget the tried and true methods!  Take an existing customer out to lunch.  Stay inquisitive in the eyes of your customer.  Seek ways to continuously help them grow their business.

Send out holiday cards.  Christmas is obvious, but what about Arbor Day?  Your customer receives cards every Thanksgiving and Christmas so your card may not be standing out enough.  Send a card for Labor Day, Memorial Day, Boxing Day, or any holiday that will help make you stand out as a friend.  Remember, people do business with people they know and like.

Good Luck and please remember Zenith Exhibits is your affordable marketing solution provider for both tradeshow and internet marketing.

Ed Bejarana


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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