Yahoo is for sale

Last December I published an article that suggested Yahoo would be out of the picture as a viable search engine by 2012.  In a Business Insiders article published today my prediction was confirmed.  “And now Yahoo Has Put Itself Up For Sale.”

What does the search engine market look like without Yahoo?

Not much will change initially.  Unless there is a major technology invention that radically changes the basic search algorithm, the 9% market she Yahoo has will be absorbed by Google & Bing.  The deciding factor being the personal feelings of Microsoft–those who hate Microsoft and still use Yahoo will switch to Google.

The unknown industry trend is the relationship between Facebook and Bing (Microsoft).  Talks have stalled between the two organizations with the major hang-up probably hinging on pay per click revenue sharing.  If Facebook does NOT enter the search engine wars, then Google+ will win and Facebook will go the way of MySpace.  If Facebook enters the search engine wars before the year end, then they could become the dominate force in search engine market share.

Google is working very hard behind the scenes to clean-up their Google+ for Business system to solidify their entrance into the social networking ranks.  With horrible failures in Orkut, Buzz, Wave, and a waning footing with Google+; Google+ for Business is critical for the long-term viability of Google’s foray into Cloud Based Computing.

My altered prediction is that Google will release a business solution that rivals Facebook Pages, Yahoo will get absorbed into Bing, and Facebook and Microsoft do NOT reach an agreement.  If true, then Google will finish the year with an 80% search engine market share.


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