Podcast Advertising

Is your business looking to advertise to podcast listeners?  We have several podcast productions that are accepting Taylor matched sponsors.  Call (208) 209-7170 to inquire about this very unique opportunity.

Podcast advertising is one of the most influential digital advertising mediums.  Podtracker and Nelson report a 72% listen loyalty factor to host read advertisements.  Podcast advertising is surprisingly affordable compared to other multimedia advertising options.

Icon-Podcast Advertising

Zenith Exhibits produces several podcasts that have space for select advertisers.  We created these podcasts specifically to optimize new client reach for our customers.  If you'd like to talk about getting your business featured on one of our podcasts, please call (208) 209-7170 or email info@zenithexhibits.com.

Why Do We Do This?

We serve hundreds of clients throughout the United States who struggle with search engine rankings for their business.  Providing relevant, search engine optimized, podcast audio was a natural next step.  We work with you to create engaging content that creates a new link stream to your business website.

Call today to learn more about this ultra unique service!  (208) 209-7170