Podcast Production

We provide professional audio production at small business friendly pricing.  More than just a recording service, we provide coaching in audio performance to help you polish a professional audio presentation that advances your business goals.

We also edit, publish and host podcast content.  Call (208) 209-7170 to learn more about how our small business podcasting production services can help you.

We have produced several thousand podcast episodes that have been downloaded millions of times.  Not all podcasts can gain large audiences, but every podcast can generate more digital website traffic.  Call us today to learn how we use search engine optimized podcast audio to drive more website traffic.

Icon-Podcast Production

Is your company looking to break into the exciting world of podcasting? Zenith Exhibits is your affordable full service solution for podcast production.

We can handle recording, editing, publishing, and promotion of your podcast. With over 45 years experience in the music business, we also help with the recoding of a great, well branded intro, commercial breaks, and ending (or outro) clips to maximize your audio production goals.

Why create a podcast? Unlike video production, your target customers can (and do) listen podcasts while they drive, walk, do chores, or just enjoy a beautiful sunset. The passive consumption nature of podcast gives the medium an advantage over video. Also audio production is a fraction of the cost of video and much friendlier to actors who otherwise struggle behind the camera and lights.


Podcasting for Thought Leadership - Are you a leader in your industry and wish to expand your reach? Adding a podcast to your business marketing effort is better than exhibiting at trade shows because your message can be indexed and generate search engine traffic. We can help you turn company white papers into an audio library your target market can listen to on the go.

Podcasting for Campaign Awareness - Do you have something important to tell the world? Do you want people to have on-going access to your message? Podcasting is a powerful medium that allows easy sharing of information. While video is great with the photos, if your target market is too busy to sit for a 20 minute video presentation then you effort is wasted.  Podcast audio presentations are available anywhere via a cellphone and your target customers can listen while they drive, work, or play.

Podcasting for Business Development - Do you network for business weekly? Are you disappointed with the leads? Adding a podcast gives your business networking a very personal connection with your target customers. Inviting other businesses on your program to talk about their business builds strong relationships that lead to increased leads.

Podcasting for News & Analysis - Are you someone who identifies trends early? Use your podcast to communicate your vision with the world. The portable nature of podcasting allows content to be digested in places video can never be used. Never underestimate the power of people walking in the park listening to your ideas!

Podcasting for Personal Brand Development - Sure you could write a book, but why not speak the story? Series based content is among the most popular audio content consumed on the internet. If your story is a brand, then developing a podcast people can follow will give your brand that extra boost you’ve been looking for.


Zenith Exhibits Studios has produced thousands of podcast episodes for dozens of clients that have reach hundreds of thousands of listeners over the last four years. From political campaigns, business offerings and coaching, how-to and education, and special interest topics—we bring a professional get-it-done-right attitude to every production.

We also specialize in creating multi-topic podcast networks that maximize your podcast audience across multiple revenue generating channels.

We have in-house, virtual, and telephone recoding options available. We can even design and setup an in-house recording studio for our more remote customers.