Part 2: Generate new customers with podcasting

Podcasting can generate new customers because companies like Neilson Ratings and PodTrac say listener loyalty is very high.  Does that mean you need to host your own podcast or just be an advertiser?  Currently, there are no stats that show the difference in client acquisition between hosting a podcast or just advertising on a podcast.  The only measurement is how likely someone is to take action from an ad, not how likely a host who owns the business is likely to inspire a call to action.

I can say anecdotally that hosting podcasts of mown has led to new business and the value of that business is commiserate with the time and effort put into creating and hosting the podcast.  However, again, I can see where a disclaimer needs to be inserted.  I already know how to act…I can read a script and not sound like I am reading a script.  I can control my tone and vocal delivery.  I know how to deliver different types of emotions and can do so quickly from a live read of a script.  Lastly, I know how to write a script and how to word things so they are conversational.  All skills required to produce my own podcast.

Most business owners are not trained to do much of the above.  Everyone can learn to act and read a script and all the parts necessary to create a podcast, but those skills are required to gain customers.  Those business people who put in the time will reap the new customer rewards.  Those who don’t, will not make it past their seven episode—or as per the statistics show.

People are moved by sincerity.  Then again, people are also moved by funny commercials during the Super Bowl.  It comes down to scale and cost.  A Super Bowl commercial reaches a billion people and costs about $2 million per 15 second spot—however talking with someone at the local chamber meeting is near cost free.  Producing those sincere conversations via podcast channels can generate new customers.


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