Part 3: Building a community and your own tribe

How many times in business have you asked yourself, how do I create opportunities to touch my clients?  We send emails, mail Christmas cards, newsletters, even birthday wishes…al while worrying that we are sending too much.  What if you had a communication medium your customers choose to receive on a weekly basis?  What sort of relationship could you build then?  Podcasting is (potentially) that medium.  

Your podcast can be a frequent touch point with your clients, as well as friends and family members.  The trick is knowing what podcast topic your clients, friends, and family would subscribe and listen to each week?  At Zenith Exhibits I’ve made it part of my business to help business people figure out what they could podcast about.  The process is very personal, but actually kind of fun.  Here is a brief synopsis of the process.

Focus first on entertainment.  What do you and your best customers like in common?  Do you share a hobby or activity?  We focus on our best customers because, honestly, we want more people just like them!  If we tickle the fancy of our best customers, then other people with similar traits and personalities will listen to our podcast.

If an entertainment based podcast does not feel right, the next topic we explore is community/civic outreach.  If we can not speak on a topic that entertains, then we can speak on a topic that people can rally behind.  Youth sports, health & wellness, senior or veteran support are just a few topic ideas.

The key to topic selection is two fold.  First, you must be passionate about it.  People can spot a fake from a thousand miles away.  Second, you must be able to create a weekly production on that topic.  Rome was not built in a day and your podcast may take a year to gain traction.  You must have topic staying power.


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