Powerpoint Training Video Production

Need help creating a company training video?

We provide full service powerpoint file to training video production service.


We work with your script and powerpoint file and create a professionally narrated and animated training video you can use royalty free.  Our low flat fee per slide pricing makes this service very affordable for any budget.

How the process works

Send us your powerpoint file and script.  We work with you to create an attractive, fully animated powerpoint presentation with narrated script for each slide.  We then record the narration, convert to video, and provide all source files for your unlimited use.  No mechanical licensing or royalty fees, just a one time per slide price.

Do you have a mix of video and powerpoint slides?  No problem.  We can compile all digital assets you provide into a single fully rendered professional training video your company can use over and over.

Why hire someone?

You don’t need us if you, or someone in your company, can record, edit, master, and produce professional quality training videos.

At Zenith Exhibits, we have sound editing software to remove pops, stutters, loud breadth sounds, and all those distractions that impact training video quality.  We also balance audio from one slide to the next so the whole video sounds professional.  On the video side we make sure lighting, image quality, and output resolution are of the highest quality.

The biggest reason why should hire Zenith Exhibits is we are so affordable that it does not make financial sense for you to produce the video yourself.

To learn more or request an audition tape, please call Ed at (208) 209-7170 or email info@zenithexhibits.com.

Sample Training Video

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