Promotional Pens Use Tip 43


How to use promotional pens to promote your business.

One of our customers, a bank, buys tens of thousands of pens every year and every teller and bank representative is instructed to give them out during every human interface…but that is not the tip.  This particular bank takes it one step further!

Every bank representative is is given a large supply of pens to carry with them.  When they go to a restaurant and are given their bill, they remove the pen the server places with the check and replace with a bank pen.  The next customer the server gives a check to now has a pen from the bank.

When I speak at a business networking luncheon, I pass my pens out, but then instruct all the attendees to use my pen to sign their check and then leave it with the restaurant.

Pens are a very inexpensive promotional product that can generate hundreds (if not thousands) of impressions.


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