Create good visitor centered website content

What does it mean to create good visitor centered website content?

This is probably the most misunderstood SEO instruction in my industry.  To the sole proprietor  good visitor centered content is that content that best describes the product or service they are selling.  It is true that your business has a great offering that will solve all the ills of the world your target customers live in, BUT first you have to restructure your marketing language for your users, not the search engines.

Good Visitor Centered Website Content

  • Creates the most value for your users
  • Delivers high quality relevant information
  • Answers your target customer’s questions

My rule of thumb is as follows.  If you start with the words (or have in the first sentence) “I” or “we”, then your content is probably not “visitor” centered.  Change from I to you–putting your visitor’s needs first.

An example of this type of marketing might be:

“We’ve been providing high quality search engine optimization for small businesses for over 15 years and have successfully ranked hundreds of websites.”

The example sentence states a fact, but does so without putting the visitor in the drivers seat.  An alternative approach might be:

“Your success on Google depends on how your sales message is adapted to fit your perfect customer and speak to their needs.  We’ve helped small business folks achieve higher search engine optimization for over 15 years.”

The second version could be tweaked a couple dozen ways, but avoid “word-smithing” for search engine performance.  Instead “target customer craft” your content.  Or, as Google puts it, “Focus on users not search engines.”

The video below is another episode in the Google Webmaster Academy training program that helps further explain what I’ve outlined above.


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