Search Engine Visibility is based on the quality of your website content

You have probably given up on the phone book.

Pay per click marketing sounds complicated and too expensive.

Social networking takes so much time and doesn’t make sense anyway.

However, your business depends on finding new customers and building long-term relationships.  So what should you do?

Internet marketing is not easy, cheap or fast.  But, when done correctly, is very effective.  In this post I’ll focus on what is most important, your content and its purpose.

Tip #1:  Write content to solve customer problems.

As a business owner, you are caught between expenses and income.  The problem is when expenses and income migrate to marketing we narrow our focus to sales and ignore relationships.

Provide the information about your product or service that addresses the primary problem faced by your prospects and encourage the first action to be a personal contact.  Zig Ziegler calls this a “Trial Close”.   If your sales copy is focused on the solution to the prospect’s problem, then any prospect who takes action has self-qualified.

Tip #2:  Include photos, videos, testimonials and downloadable PDFs that help the prospect draw their own conclusions.

Don’t use tricks, bait-n-switch or gimmicks to try and encourage a contact, those who fall for the trick will waste your time because they were not properly qualified.

Tip #3:  Limit the number of topics on each page to one.

When a search engine is reading your website, they are looking for the main points and weighing those points against the volume of content supporting them.  Main points are your page titles, headings and on-site links.  If the content on your page is weighed primarily towards a solutions based presentation, then your quality score for that topic will go up.


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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