Small Business SEO Review – Part 1

“Ed, can you do an seo review and tell me how I get my website ranked higher on Google?”

A very common question since I have hundreds of friends who own a small business.  The question is usually followed with a recommendation for a particular search engine optimization company.  They get bombarded with phone calls promising first page listings, unlimited streams of new customers and riches beyond their wildest imagination…being a trusted friend who knows the industry and does not push a subscription program–I am asked for my opinion.

SEO Review Case Study

In a recent such meeting, the business owner took great offense to my answer.  I sometimes forget that I need to prep my answer with “I’m a teacher.”  When asked “what should I do…” I give an honest answer.  That might be a big part of the reason why I am asked for my opinion, but I digress.

While I love Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask–I make EVERY SEO decision based on the extensive information provided by Google.  I am not paid by Google to say these things, I don’t receive promotional consideration.  I am in the business of helping my customers by building a website that gets ranked better on Google.  If Google likes the website, then Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask will like it too.

The business owner who took offense to my input felt like I was devaluing their business offering by suggesting that Google does not care if you say you are the best service provider in the world…Google cares if other people believe what you say.

How Does Google Evaluate Your Website?

Here is a video by Matt Cutts (a search engineer at Google) that explains the process in a very simple way.  This video is part of Google’s Webmaster Academy.


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