What is Google Plus and why should I care?

As an internet marketing consultant, I am asked this type of question every time a new social networking system gains popularity.  Ordinarily I advise my clients to wait before jumping in.  In the case of Google + I am suggesting my business friends jump in as soon as possible.

What is Google Plus?


Jamie Turner describes Google Plus as, “… a project aiming to make sharing on the web more like sharing in the real world.”

From my vantage point, Google+ is a search engine integrated real time cloud based communication medium for sharing all types of media.

We have all heard the term cloud computing, but few know what it really means.  Put simply, cloud computing is using server based resources for user level computing.  Some may argue this description is over simplifying the process, but I’m keeping it simple for now–please bare with me.

Why is cloud computing important?

Proprietary software has kept the advancement of computing capabilities in check.  Rightly so, when you invest large sums of time and money developing software, one expects to get paid.  Millions of programmers creating dozens of different protocols (ways of doing things) meant sharing data between different computers/programs was difficult (if not impossible).  Using a cloud based solution brings all the software together in a manner that it can be easily shared.

The problem with cloud solutions is providing complete solutions to business and personal needs.  Until recent years, no one company had enough computing power / resources to provide all the necessary computing tools.  Right now there are only two companies on the planet capable of accomplishing the vision of fully integrated cloud based computing solutions; Microsoft and Google.  (I suspected I will get lots of comments on that last statement…)

With all the communication tools built-in to Google+, they have taken a quantum leap ahead of Microsoft (who is working very hard to rollout Microsoft 365, their counter to Google+).  Facebook was suppose to be a part of Microsoft’s cloud solution (note, I have one one source on this info so take it with a grain of salt), but it would appear corporate negotiations have prevented the two entities from getting their act together.  Microsoft and Facebook’s failure is Google’s gain.  In business being first is a HUGE advantage.

I’m still not getting the point, WHY use Google+?

As consumers, we all use search engines to find information.  Having your communication and business resources fully integrated with the most popular search engine in the world means your business can capitalize on more efficient communications.

Integrated your customers and prospects together with your search engine optimization effort will give your business a leg up on the competition.  Since Google+ is still new and in limited access beta testing, being an early adopter will give your business a three to six month head start in improve the information flow for your business.

Over the coming weeks tens of millions of users will jump into Google+ and the sooner you get involved the further a head of the game you’ll be.

If you need an invitation to Google +, please send me a contact request with your eMail address and I’ll send you an invitation.

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.


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