Ed’s God Formula to Social Networking

Ed’s God Formula to Social Networking asks:

Are you watching and listening 4 times more than you are speaking?
When you speak, are you saying something of interest to your potential customer?

I am a serial networker, both online and face-to-face.  Too often I witness small business owners and employees breaking the God Rule of Communication–they speak twice as much as they listen.  In today’s fast pace world, I’ve expanded the Rule of Communication to include observation.  Not only should we listen more than we talk, but we should also observe twice as much as well.

In the world of social media there are several tools to help the small business marketer to search for things to listen to (read), but until recently there was not an effective way to search for things to watch (pictures.)  Reported by the Wall Street Journal, Google is giving users the ability to search for things to visually observe.

What does this mean for the small business owner?  First lets review what snap chat does.

  1. It is first person.  This means we are seeing a personal interest of the individual.
  2. It is real time.  We can track time of day variables to reference for future advertising campaigns
  3. It is not filtered.  Sure the individual can script the presentation, but most don’t

When developing you target client personas, you already know that you need to read what your target customer reads, experience what your target customer experiences, and participate in the social networks your target customer joins.  But wouldn’t actually watching your target customer give you a leg up in the process?  It would also go a long ways to helping you incorporate Ed’s God Formula to Social Networking–listen AND watch 4 times as much as your talk.

Imagine a day when you can setup a google alert to tell you when a specific keyword phrase was used in a snap-chat like video feed?  You could than spend a few minutes every day watching the actual behavior of your target market and then fine tune your written personas with business growing information.


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