Social Networking

Social networking is a requirement of today's business; but it can be the most costly advertising endeavor your business undertakes.  Social networking incorrectly can permanently damage your personal (and business) reputation and even create legal problems.  Once published, content you create no longer belongs to your business and you lose control, but with a billion people a day reach potential, your business must venture into the social networking world.

No small business should attempt social networking without a plan.   To generate that plan you should seek help from a social marketing expert  — not the kid who is attending college or high school, but someone with business experience that goes with their technical prowess.

The internet of today is a multigenerational communication platform and great care must be put into messaging and the potential reception misunderstandings that can come of a poorly executed presentation.

Target Customer Focused Social Networking

Without a measurement, no advertising (social or otherwise) can be successful.  We develop success on purpose--we focus on your best customers, identify their social patterns, and help craft messages that build a relationship.

On the social networking channels impressions don't count like they do through other advertising mediums.  The traditional marketing rule is you need seven impressions before a message will stick--that is still true through TV and Print, but certainly not through social channels.  In fact, one impression at the wrong time and wrong manner can be permanently detrimental.  Some social warriors view themselves as champions of anti-capitalism and thus will work to ruin your business with:

  • negative reviews
  • bad press
  • cyber bullying of your current customer base

How do you avoid cyber destruction?  Keep your message away from the eyes of anti-capitalist cyber bullies.

First, we help you create a fine tuned social target audience based on proven interests and behaviors--keeping your message away from the bad people.

Second, we help you craft messages that are relationship based and not product or service focused.

Lastly, we work with you to create a cyber bullying response strategy.  A plan on how to respond if (or when) your business gets targeted by a cyber warrior.

Social Tone and Presentation

Sometimes negative reviews are correct and can provide valuable insight on improving your product or service.  As a third party expert in business, we can provide a neutral point of view that can help deflate an escalating situation AND turn it in to a business marketing opportunity.  Sometimes it just comes down to tone and presentation.  We can help you craft the response that provides a sense of calming.

Limited Service Offering

Like most of our services, our Social Networking Service is offered on a limited bases; meaning we cannot serve everyone who calls us.  We offer a free consultation up front so we can learn the particulars of your situation to determine if we can help.  As we do not out source ANY of our work, we only take on the customers we know we can help.  Click or Call today to schedule your free consultation.