Telephone System Auto Attendant Voice Over

We help dozens of businesses throughout America with their pre-recorded telephone answering recording and automated attendant recordings.

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Why hire a professional voice artist to record your photo system auto attendant?

The tone of the auto attendant makes the difference between a happy person on hold versus one who feels ignored.  Your business is too busy to answer every phone call, so your telephone auto attendant is making the first impression.  Our professional voice actors give a pleasant, engaging performance that people on hold like and enjoy.

High quality recordings also make a difference.  Recording your telephone system message on your telephone handset includes pops, cracks, noise, and other distracting sound artifacts.  Our professional editing process removes those extra noises, making it easier for the caller.

The cost for auto attendant recordings is surprising low.  Call today to get a quote for your telephone system project.


How we work?

You email us a script with notes on the mood and tone desired.  We record and master the digital audio files and send them to you via Dropbox.  You then upload the audio files to your telephone system.  We can save in any format your phone system requires.

Call today to talk about our process or get a quote for service.  (208) 209-7170.