Banner Stand Survival

All banner stands are not created equal. Let First Trade Show/Top Quality Digital show you how to find the perfect banner stand for your message.

There is an endless number of banner stands available today. New models and options are constantly being added to the banner stand line up. This article will help you decipher the differences between available banner stands on the market today, helping you to choose one that fits your needs.

Pole Frames

The pole-frame systems were some of the earliest entries in the banner stand market. They consist of telescoping poles that connect together into a rectangular frame. A big advantage is its ability to be formed into multiple panel systems that can take dimensional shapes, like square box formations, triangles or long walls.

Pole-frame systems can also accept hook-and-loop-compatible fabrics instead of printed vinyl banners for those clients who like to change graphics on the fly. They can also handle a rigid panel that can accommodate literature pockets or other hanging devices. The pole-frame system is one of the most flexible systems available, and arguably the most convenient.


Old-fashioned projector screens were the inspiration for retractable banner stands. The graphics are printed into think banner material that rolls up into the base using a spring-loaded roller similar to that found in projector screens and window blinds. A single pole that fastens into the base also holds the top banner upright. These poles are generally sturdy units of the telescoping variety, much like the poles used in the pole-frame system.

The rolling mechanism lends itself to give displays a nice heavy base that provides excellent support for the banner. Some units have bases that are quite wide in order to provide the necessary stability. Some units have two legs, and less-expensive models have one leg. These allow for smaller travel sized while still providing adequate support.

A great feature to have with your retractable banner stand is replaceable cassettes. This allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your banner stand for multiple uses show after show. The cassettes are easy to use and replace, saving you time and money.

Assembly of any of these units is very simple. Just put the poles into the base, pull the banner out of the base, attach it to the pole and extend the pole to the desired height. Since height is fully flexible, these stands can be used as floor units or as smaller table-top-displays.


Several companies are also offering stretch fabric for metal frames. Fabric displays give a modern feel and can easily be changed from show to show. They can also be used for your banner stand material. Support frames can be made of metal or wood, but lightweight aluminum frames offer great support and are easy to operate and travel.

Banner stands are no longer just used as single displays in an exhibit. Mural and projection displays are being used more and more. Aligning banner stands can create a dynamic and customized look in many shapes and sizes. Higher quality printing and panels can convert a banner stand into a multi-media presentation. This can be an effective way to make the most out of a small space or more limited budget.

Options List

As with buying a car, banner stand buyers have several options to consider. Many brands offer single- or double-sided models. If the back of the exhibit is visible, this might be a wise option to explore.

Scrolling banner stands produce up to 160” of message, allowing you to double your message space while not increasing display size. The spring-loaded unit sets up quickly, driving the graphic continuously using an electric motor concealed in the base. The stylish unit features a simple design that can feature multiple graphics in one piece. The rugged aluminum and chrome stand is engineered for reliable, long term use even in challenging trade show conditions.

Halogen lights are often available to brighten up dark display corners. It has been demonstrated that one of the best ways to attract attention to your exhibit is to employ light.

Purchasing a carrying case to protect your banner stand during travel and for storage is essential. Cases should be easy to open and lock with a high durability for continuous use. High performance options, such as in-line skates with sealed bearings, can reduce drag.

Graphics and Printing

The bottom line to any banner stand or trade shows exhibit- Your booth is only as good at the graphics on it! The demands on trade show graphics are greater than any other printed media. Your image and presentation depend on your having quality graphics that look great every time.
Choose a trade show company specializing in in-house graphics and printing. Digital inkjet printers achieve outstanding quality and durability. Dye based and UV based inks may also be needed for to achieve certain projects, or photo mural and backlit Plexiglas panels, depending on your graphic needs.


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