Build A Successful Team

Adapted from “The Performance Factor” by Pat MacMillan
Trade show success often hinges on an effective booth team. You can’t just throw a bunch of people together and expect them to prosper. You need to prepare them to work together. Focus on these qualities and characteristics to build a strong exhibiting team.

Common purpose. The effective team is united and motivated by a clear and compelling purpose that provides the reason for cooperation. Make sure your exhibit staff knows all the company’s show goals and expectations.

Clear roles. Roles are the means by which we design, divide and deploy a team’s work. When done right, the team achieves synergy by leveraging the specialized skills of each person. Learn the strengths of your team members, and work with them accordingly.

Quality leadership. High-performance teams need competent leaders who can set directions, manage boundaries and coach team members toward extraordinary results. As the exhibit manager, you need to be that leader on the show floor. Develop and cultivate commitment, initiative and creativity in your team. Set the example through your own booth conduct.

Excellent communication. Fast, clear, accurate communication is the means by which teams tap collective brilliance. The process of productive discussion and dialogue, which should happen during a pre-show meeting and wrap-up sessions at the end of each day, allows the team to stay informed, resolve differences and work toward common goals.


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