Creating Effective Demos: Six Points to Consider

When putting together an exhibit demonstration, your goal is to deliver the best message in a concise, effective fashion. Here are some questions that will help you hone your demonstration message.

1. What do you want to say about the product?

Keep it to two or three key message points. Know who your target market is. What products do they need to have in place to use your product?

2. What are the benefits to the users?

Too often, exhibitors focus on features. Features aren’t necessarily important to the person buying your product. They want to know the benefits they will derive if they buy. Is it going to save them dollars or time? Is it going to help them work more efficiently? Demonstrate the benefits to support other messages you’re presenting at the show or your message instead of hoping/waiting somebody will ask. If you’ve demonstrated this product before, think about the two most often asked questions, and make them a regular part of your message.

4. How long is your demo?

Don’t exceed 10 minutes – particularly where there are long product purchase lead times. Don’t do a full-blown demonstration; save that for one-on-one sales visits. The goal is to provide enough benefit information to pique attendees’ interest so they want to see more after the show.

5. Are you connecting with the crowd?

As you present, maintain eye contact with the crowd. If using a computer, use a swing-out keyboard and stand to the side. Watch their nonverbal communication. Are they engaged or losing interest?

6. Are you making the most of your premiums?

Use a giveaway that has a link to the product or service. Make sure the company name and phone number is on it. Use the giveaway as a reward for taking the time to watch the demo.


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