Designing Retractable Banner Exhibits

Retractable banner exhibits are a very affordable way to create a full back wall graphics presentation that works equally as well on the trade show floor as the local chamber of commerce event; all at a fraction of the price of other trade show display options.  There are a few considerations you should keep in mind, however, when designing a retractable banner exhibit so as to maximize the functionality as cost effectiveness of your display.

Avoid designing a display for a single function!  Every display designed should be laid out such that it could be used at any type of event.  Either as a back drop when making company presentations, as a lobby marketing enhancement, a trade show exhibit, or an identity display at a public function.  While retractable banner stand displays are very affordable, during times of recession portable exhibit designs should stretch your marketing dollar to more places.  The goal, during a recession more so than normal time, is to get out and market your business more for less and retractable banners give your company a professional image at affordable prices.

Layout your graphics such that replacing only one of the banner stands allows for a new message.  In a typical three banner display exhibit, we like to have one banner for company identity, one banner for expanded corporate branding and the last banner with the specific product or service message.  More often than not the two branding banner stands act as book ends to the specific message, but in the case of a multi-division business each branding banner stand can be its’ own unique (but coordinated) layout.

Be careful when crossing the banner breaks.  The gap between banners will vary based on the type of banner stand, but you should always try to limit cross seam text or images so as to avoid the awkward visual presentation should environmental conditions prevent perfect alignment.  For example, many conference centers have low points in the floor to allow for flooring control should the fire sprinklers accidentally discharge.

Booths don’t sell, people do.  Put another way, people do business with people, not back wall displays.  Your graphics presentation should be immediately representative of who you are and what you do.  You should avoid using retractable banner exhibits to communicate long messages (there are a few exceptions) and instead keep your back wall display general.  One exception is when you are creating an information exhibit–say for a museum or a special event.  Retractable banners are a very affordable way to present event information in the middle of a lobby or registration area without requiring special rigging.

Lastly, your retractable banner stand should be kept simple.  Don’t try to get the extra brochure attachments, lights, shelf’s, etc.  Most retractable banner stands weight less than 15 lbs and this lighter weight display makes for easy and affordable transportation; adding extra attachments complicates matters and decreases the portability factor.  One exception, of course, is if the banner stand is going to be staying put for a while and you want to include collateral materials.

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