Exhibiting Ideas in Tough Economic Times

Now is not the time to invest thousands of dollars into an unknown venture, by exhibiting in the big cities.  Unless you’ve been exhibiting at these big national shows already, I suggest you wait on signing up for the premium space.

Now is the time to look to low cost or no cost exhibiting options.  Turn to your local chamber of commerce, SBDC, city planning department, shopping mall, library and internet.

Ask your chamber to host a small business fair.  A small Xpressions SNAP tabletop will make you look more professional than all the other businesses at the fair.  Attention often goes to the exhibitor that looks the biggest and most professional.

Create a seminar for your local small business development center.  Helping new business people get their businesses started is a great way to get known in your community.

Start a company blog site.  Write about your product and or service offering.  Not from a sales pitch point of view, but as a how-to guide or helpful resource.  Use your blogsite like a tradeshow venue: exhibit your company logo along the side bar with a link to your company website.

Pitch a tent on main street.  Not a camping tent, but a business tent.  Ask City Hall, of course, you need a permit to take sidewalk space.  If there are no local trade shows appropriate for what you offer, then setting up your own exhibit downtown can gain you some new eye balls.

Sponsor your kids sports club.  Be sure to setup a place for the parents to watch the event.  Using your company tent is a great way to increase company exposure and since you are sponsoring the event, there is no extra cost for the exhibit.

Give out company bags at the shopping mall.  This strategy has been working for the big clothing stores for decades.  Custom printed bags are not too expensive and your logo is seen be the bag holder and people around them every time the bag is used.

Post flyers at the grocery store.

Put a stack of business cards on display at the dentist’s office.

Attend city council meetings and hand out cards.

And the list goes on…  Finding inexpensive (even FREE) venues is easy.

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.


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