Exhibiting on limited budgets

How do you exhibit your business on a limited budget without looking unprofessional?

Does this sound familiar?

About a year ago you, rented space at an upcoming tradeshow, but now economic times have slowed business to a crawl.  You can’t backup without losing your booth space rent, so what do you do?

Here are a few ideas for over coming the budget challenge when exhibiting your company.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are very inexpensive and can be made to almost any desired size.  Using inexpensive curtain hangers (or modified coat hangers bent appropriately) you could hang a large vinyl banner from the pipe and drape hardware.  Pick up a custom printed tabletop throw and vola, you have a complete booth ensemble.

A 7′ by 9′ vinyl banner can be purchased for around $400 with grommets.  Wire hangers to hang the banner around $20 and about $350 for a nice table throw.  Most popup displays (without graphics) list for more than $770 and then you still

need to buy graphics.

Grid Wall Panels

Do you need to hang product in your booth?  Retail wire grid wall panels are available in 2′ x 8′ sizes and can be clipped together or use legs to stand alone.  The 2′ x 8′ panel with legs shown to the right lists for around $89 plus shipping.

Grid wall panels are standard retail fixtures and there are hundreds of different types of standard hangers.

Ignoring the crude Google Sketch, a six panel display like the one shown lists for as little as $375.  The challenge with this type of display is they are bulky (8′ long by 2′ wide) and can’t be shipped via UPS or FedEx ground because they are over sized.  For local events, it is hard to beat the price and flexibility of wire grid wall panels.

Be Creative

Exhibiting on a tight budget doesn’t have to look cheap.  Some of the most attractive booths don’t use a display systems at all.  Wooden lattice, a narrow table and scrap fabric from the fabric store can become a stylish eye catching display.  In the end, the goal of the booth is to draw eyes, selling falls into your hands.

Asking the Right Questions

Getting beyond the booth, the most effective way to over come a tight exhibit budget is have great conversation questions ready to go.  Scripting out your first five or ten questions will go a long ways to gaining you more attention at the show.  Like we always say, you get paid for the information you get, NOT the information you give.

Ask questions that lead to more than a yes or no answer and at the same time help you qualify the prospect and communicate who you are and what you do.

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