Take It Outside

Outdoor exhibiting is the perfect solution for companies seeking fresh air and more space for product demos, but it has its own set of problems. Keep these caveats in mind before you pack up and head outside.

The most obvious potential outdoor-exhibiting problem is the weather. Rain, wind, hail, and extreme heat can grind outdoor-exhibit traffic to a halt, while the show goes on without interruption inside the exhibit hall.

Even if Mother Nature is on your side and outdoor traffic is heavy, outdoor exhibiting can still be a real challenge. Surrounded by other exhibitors’ large equipment and potentially noisy demos, your booth can get lost in the commotion, which not only detracts from your message, but also hinders your ability to speak with attendees.

Staff, too, must be ready for the additional rigors of outdoor exhibits, such as less climate control. A lack of show services can also affect outdoor exhibitors. For example, utility hook-ups, electrical power, and Internet feeds are often limited or unavailable outside.

Sometimes show management plays favorites. That is, some shows focus most of their promotional efforts and signage on indoor exhibitors, leaving outdoor exhibitors out in the cold. Before you book an outdoor space, ask show management to explain how it plans to promote outdoor exhibitors and what plans, if any, it has for inclement weather.


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