Three tips for having fun in your business

three tips for having fun in your business 01

This should go without saying, but so many of my business owner friends fail in this critical area.  It is your business, HAVE FUN!

It might be the 60 hour work weeks, not enough money to make payroll, or the pressures of all the stuff you have to do to run your business, but American business people seem to be a depressed bunch.  An unhappy business owner misses opportunity when it knocks.  You have to take time from every day, week, and month to enhance your emotional well being.

Schedule Time For Yourself Everyday

Tip #1 – normalize your schedule.

Stress is usually a product of fear of not getting everything done in time.  It takes practice, but don’t commit to what you can’t do and set a regular activities list that does not move—for anything.  Example, spend 30 minutes at a local coffee shop reading the paper and drinking coffee.  If that is your thing, then put it on your calendar and don’t miss that appointment.  Set it for the same time of day each time you do it.  Use your work calendar to set reoccurring personal activities then do them every week.

Tip #2 – change your TV, Radio or Podcast station.

Ten minutes of local or national news can drive a person to drink.  Negative sells and all media outlets are selling lots of negativity.  It is impossible to cut out all the news, we have to stay connected to current events, but program in some time for non-negative sensory input.  I love Drybar Comedy and Tasty Cookbook.  I subscribed to their Facebook channels and I watch a couple videos everyday.  I think a good belly laugh breaks up ulcers—don’t quote me!

Tip #3 – Join a service focused community organization, and attend the weekly meetings.

I am a Rotarian, have been for years.  “Service Above Self” is the motto, and we do good things for the community.  However, it is the people that I crave to be around.  They are positive problem solvers and we do great things for other people.  Those are few good points we get to deposit in our own emotional bank account.  There are lots of great organizations like Rotary.  Find one, join it, attend every meeting.

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