Trade Show Questions – Hunt and Gather for Information

Do you find your trade show lead quality decreasing? It may not be the show, but rather your exhibit attendee engagement strategy.

When your booth is busy, people keep walking.  Often the attendee commits to come back later, but more often than not return visits do not happen.  Therefore, you have one chance to talk to the right people.  If you take too much time with each prospect, then you are losing prospect opportunities.

The goal is to pre-quality a prospect, collect contact info and follow up with the prospect after the show.  Some of you will of course want to close a deal on the spot and if your product is such that you can do that, great!  Do it!  For most of us, however, meeting the prospect at the trade show is the beginning of the relationship.

Prepare Ten Questions

Not just any questions, but questions that lead you to better qualify the prospect.  Your goal is to gather info, you get paid for information you gather, not information you give.

The goal is not to ask all ten questions, but to have an arsenal of questions you can ask back to back booth visitors.  Don’t get the label of redundant.  Keep your questions sounding fresh and non-threatening.

Make sure everyone on your booth staff knows the questions.  Every time a booth visitor agrees to give contact information, note the questions you asked.  Repeat the questions that work, replace the questions that don’t.

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.


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