Trade Show Tips & Trends 2009

This year we have an optimistic outlook, even in hard times. Bringing products to market is an age-old tradition, year in and year out, the business world turns on the making personal connections at trade shows.

Social Media

The emergence of social media is dramatically changing the business landscape. Not only are we connected via the web, now we are getting to know each other.

In 2009 the trade show industry will find new ways to utilize social media connections. We know that social media helps us to connect, but how can we turn these connections into meaningful relationships?

Mary DuQuaine, Director of Business Development for ExPrT Exhibits explains, “Trade shows are the perfect venue for meeting social networking connections face to face. Show organizers are starting to recognize the power of social media to attract attendees. Twitter, LinkedIn and eventFRIEND, TSNN’s new Facebook application, are already facilitating the meet-up process.”

DuQuaine adds, “ExPrT Exhibits recently launched a new blog which offers product reviews and industry updates. We are also increasing our presence in social media groups like the LinkedIn group “Greener Tradeshows” this year. It is an exciting time of change and expansion for people who are willing to jump in and explore this new means of communication!”

By the way…Green is Here to Stay

Green is no longer a trend, it is the way things are.  Sustainable business practices are now a mainstay in public policy.  In 2008, many businesses took a hard look at what it means to “go green” and changed corporate policy, now the work of implementation begins.

The current economic climate will strengthen resolve to develop lean business practices.  Decisions will be based on needs. Alternative options like display rentals and updating existing exhibits are practical necessities with an overall benefit of being sustainable as well.

“Display companies will need to do their homework to provide green options that are truly eco-friendly.  By now people are aware of greenwashing, so building relationships of trust will be very important.  At ExPrT Exhibits, we understand that people really want to do what is best for the planet and don’t want to be disappointed with products that don’t live up to their claims,” said DuQuaine.

The forecast for 2009 shows that we will continue to see a variety of new substrate options for graphics and exhibit building supplies as the demand for greener tradeshows expands.

Source: on Jan 3, 2009


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