Tradeshow Displays Are Not Brochures

Imagine if you will, walking down a trade show aisle and instead of trade show booths, the row was lined with cereal boxes.  On these boxes, instead of pictures and big words, you were presented with the list of ingredients!

Obviously you are not going to read too much when you are browsing.  Most tradeshow attendees are just browsing and will not take the time to read your back wall.

My favorite trade show booth was a fellow selling windows.  He had three 7 foot long banners hanging from the pipe and drape.  On the banners were hundreds of words:  big words, not so big words.  He had more text than many sales agreements.  I stopped and asked the gentleman what he did.  I got a stare like I was from outer space.  The man gestured to his back wall and stepped out of my way (I guess so I could read the fine print).

Trade show booths don’t sell—people do.  Your trade show marketing effort should be designed to gather new leads.  Trying to sell on the show floor (unless you sell widgets at the show) is a losing proposition.  For every exhibitor, targeting just the single sale is not enough.  Today your profit margin relies on repeat business.

Repeat business is built on relationships.

At the show, make an impression.  Gather contact information and move to the next prospect.

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.


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