Using Social Media with Trade Show Exhibiting

Twitter is the perfect communication tool for trade show exhibiting because:

  1. Messages are short.
  2. Communication can happen on your cell phone

The above statement is obvious, but the first, and best question is; HOW do you use Twitter in conjunction with your trade show exhibit?

In a recent article published by Tom Humbarger, “Best Practices for Corporate Twittering” on–he outlines how to tweet from a corporate stand point.  We need only expand a little in the tweeting details and back channel support to take this strategy to the trade show floor.

The are three distinct tweet times for your trade show exhibiting, pre-show, during show and post-show messaging.

Pre-show Tweets

Show focus on what show are you exhibiting in, what changes (if any) you’ve made to your booth, info on the staff you are sending to the show and some of the reasons you choose to exhibit at that particular show.

In essence, the goal of pre-show tweeting is to build a personal connection between you and the trade show attendee.  Since people attend trade shows for a particular reason, building a connection that is personal yet leaves the reader inquisitive–wanting more info–will help create a lasting memory.

During show Tweets

Write tweets from the perspective of the staff exhibitor in the booth.  What are you seeing, hearing and doing.  If you held back some info on your exhibit, now is the time to share.  If you have something special in your booth, tweet the world.

Show attendees will more than likely NOT be reading their tweets on their phone too much.  Our goal is to build more search engine connections to your business name and the trade show you are exhibiting in.  This linking strategy will pay off during the post-show tweet and search process.

Post-Show Tweets

What were the most memorable moments at the show?  Do not spend this time just talking about you, your company and/or products/services.  Connect with those readers who were also at the show by highlighting something special that happened at the show that ONLY show attendees would know.

The goal is to connect the your twitter profiles with your industry rumor mill.  People search Google for post show information.  Make sure your tweets show up by being the post-show reporter.

None of the above works without a company blog site that also contains more information about your show experience.  Using your twitter account and business blog site can help you make more brand/name impressions on your target audience and will increase your show ROI.

Ed Bejarana
Zenith Exhibits, Inc.


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