Writing Your Blog Article – Basic Outline

There is no right way or wrong way to write you blog articles.

This outline is just one suggestion on how to compose your blog publications, we suggest you talk with other business people and find out how they are creating blog articles.

There are two basic goals for blogging:

  1. Building more inbound links to your company website.
  2. Present you and your ideas to a wider audience.

We suggest you:

  • Write articles that are 250 words (+/- 25 words)
  • Format your article into four or five paragraphs
  • Construct paragraphs that have three to five sentences
  • Write interesting titles that are less than 12 words long
  • Keep your article focused on a single topic
  • Use the most appropriate category from those available
  • Add tags that further classify or categorize your article

In your first paragraph, state your thesis.

The middle paragraphs should support your thesis, be easy to read, and use few filler words (e.g. and, the, where-with-all, etc.).

You last paragraph needs to state a conclusion.  If possible make your conclusion action centered.  For example, if your article is on a decision made by the City Council, then conclude with an action challenge to make you voice heard at the next council meeting.

Always sign your document and add a link back to your company website.  Where ever possible, use keyword rich text and the achor for your link.  For example:

Affordable Website Hosting



Be sure to add text to the “Excerpt” field located below your main article window.  The Excerpt text is used on the home page as the lead in for your blog articles.

Also, make sure you have updated your user profile with your company’s webaddress, because each article will show your name as a link back to your website.

Write articles that your target customer finds interesting.  For example, if you know your best customer’s love dogs, then write about your dog.  When presented with two options, your prospect will choose the service provider they like the best (when all else is equal).  Social marketing is being socialable.  Give the world a window view into your soul.

Happy Blogging!


A business blog allows you to create search engine rich content you can share on social media sites and bring new traffic to your company website.

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