Tradeshow Displays & Exhibiting

Trade shows give your company a chance to showcase your latest products or services, develop industry partnerships, network with other companies, reach new audiences, create/increase brand

awareness and drive sales.  Tradeshow marketing is still one of the most profitable B2B advertising advertising methods, in the U.S., Trade shows generated more than $12.81 billion in revenue in 2016.

Zenith Exhibits started as a trade show display producer for small businesses in 2007 and quickly grew to include trade show sales training—these services remain a core element of our business.  While Google is viewed in our eyes as the world’s largest trade show exhibit hall, the digital world can not replace the impact of a live expo hall filled with color, sound, and excitement.

Full Service Affordable Displays

If you are looking for cheap displays, then you are on the wrong website, we are not your typical internet click and buy tradeshow display outlet.  Rather, we are a custom tradeshow display provider for the small booth space.  We build a display presentation package that fits your budget and delivers the desired results.  From the simple retractable banner presentation to the full back wall experience, we have products to meet every need.

Trade Show Sales Training

We have developed a tradeshow sales method called the Five Step Engagement Process (FSEP).  More than a step-by-step guide, the FSEP is a custom tailored program that walks you and your entire booth staff through the lead converting process.  We work either one-on-one or in a group setting with your staff to teach them how to quality, capture, and convert more trade show leads.

If you need replacement graphics, a new trade show display, or help with booth staff training; click or call today for a free consultation.