Tradeshow Exhibiting & Search Engine Optimization are the same tasks

When we exhibit we perform the same tasks as one does to search engine optimize this website.

Tradeshow Preparation

First step:  Pick the right show where our target customer is going to be.  We compare demographic data for show attendees to our business marketing strategy.

Second step:  Fine-tune our message to stop traffic.  In a crowded exhibit hall we need a traffic stopping message that attracts qualified leads and encourages them to engage with our booth staff.

Third step:  Plan a lead capture and sales systems.  Getting the target customer to the message is not the goal, encouraging the qualified lead to take action is.  However, once they do take action, you must have a plan for tracking and processing the leads—maximizing sales.

Forth step:  Follow-up with the lead.  90% of leads captured at tradeshows go un-called.  Do not rely on technology, use a personal approach, call them.

Website Preparation

First step:  Pick the right keywords used by your target customer to find solutions you offer.

Second step:  Craft your website message to put the target customer’s need first.  Answer their question,  provide the details for how your service works and how your business works with customers.

Third step:  Plan a lead capture and sales systems.  Service based businesses should not try to sell online, they should move the qualified lead to the next step—a phone call or personal visit.  Web capture forms help especially when coupled with a downloadable report or action document.

Forth step:  Follow-up with the lead.  Do not let web forms go unanswered.

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