Internet Focused Video Production

Video is a natural extension of your advertising message, but it is also one of the most expensive.  We began offering video production for a handful of clients back in 2009, only because they could not afford the full production and script writing costs of other production options.  With our background in business, 3D animation, and photography—offering affordable video production was an easy add-on service.

Not setting out to make it a primary service, we found more and more of our clients asking for assistance.  Some just needed help with a script, others needed technical advise for an in-house production model.  We’ve even been consulted to do the final post production editing for internet company training videos.  We do voice overs and can provide talent for corporate training videos.

We can help with just about any business need video.  Our productions are not made for TV broadcast, but rather are perfect for internet distribution.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Producing advertising videos gives a human connection, but commercials don’t optimize as well as business interest productions.  If your company needs a slick commercial, then we are not your best option.  But if making a digital impact, teaching a lesson, producing an internet video is your need—click or call to schedule a free consultation.