Tips for building an informational video

How many times have you wished you had an instructional video you could play on your website to help alleviate all those duplicate phone calls with questions?  Let me first say, I encourage all my clients to do everything they can to make the phone ring…relationships are built when you talk with people.  However, I also know some time the phone call is for questions that the answer qualifies the client and it would great if unqualified prospects didn’t take so much of your staff’s time.

Your website probably already has a frequently asked questions page with questions and answers.  Great!  For most questions, that is more than enough.  However, a five or six slide information video could go a long ways to better answer those very difficult questions.  Here is a quick guide on creating those videos.  I suggest using Powerpoint or Keynote (for Mac users).

Step one: write your script.  This seems overly simple, but too often I see business folks try and skip this step.  Turn on presenter’s notes and write your script there.  This way the script goes with the powerpoint slide.

Step two: create a visual with animation.  While it may be tempting to turn on the video camera and record you answering the question…fact is visitors have not yet committed to working with you and seeing a video of a powerpoint slideshow is less threatening.

Step three:  Record the audio.  You can use the voice memo ap on your smart phone to capture the audio.

Step four:  Record your screen with the audio playing and you clicking through the powerpoint presentation.

Step five:  Save and publish video to YouTube as an unlisted video.

Step six:  Embed the video on a web page or blog post.

I suggest always including a trial close in your informational presentation.  Everything you publish should have a call to action of some sorts!

Need help with this process?  I’ve been building these types of videos for more than 15 years.  We can help with all facets of the process from scripting, powerpoint file creation, VoiceOver production and editing, and video assembly, hosting, and publishing.  Call Ed at (208) 209-7170 to learn more about this service.


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