Virtual Website Department

Your company may need a part time business/technology service to maintain your internet presence.

  • Email Campaign Management/Delivery
  • On-going Website Maintenance and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google & Facebook Advertising
  • Social Networking
  • Video Production

We’ve developed a time based system to offer all the above services (and more) for a very low monthly service fee.  Our virtual website department concept can (and often does) go well beyond the internet…we’ve screened technology partners for our clients, consulted on computer system purchases, researched new market opportunities, provided print advertising support, consulted on tradeshow exhibiting options, even provided temporary COO services for a customer.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our program is not based on long-term contracts, but rather is a month-to-month service.  To make sure we can deliver a premium service, we limit the number of time slots available for monthly service.  This has worked to our client’s benefit because sometimes they only need temporary support to ramp up a service offering, or get ready for a big event, or cover a sudden high demand while in-house staff is interviewed and hired.

Click or call today to schedule a free consultation to see if our virtual website department service is right for your business.