Four Tips for encouraging website visitor conversion

four tips for encouraging website vitiro conversions 01

You’ve got a great business, had a fantastic website built, but still no one seems to call!  First question, do you have people visiting your website?  Google analytics is a free tool you should have on your website to help you measure how many people are visiting your website and give you clues as to what they are doing…but this article is not about Google Analytics.  Here are several articles we’ve written on Google Analytics.  Still have questions, call me.

This article is about things you can do to encourage people to take your desired call to action.

Tip #1 – put you phone number in the upper right corner of your website.

Man having fun with a banana, three frogs pretending see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, and a woman having fun wearing funny glasses.
People want to do business with people they know and like. Have fun and be yourself.

Surprising how many websites don’t do this.  Unless your business is so big that answering the phone is a hassle, you want the phone to ring — make your phone number visible!  Lots of small business people have the idea that their website can help streamline the sales process…nope!  Your website is a lead capture tool, not a closer tool.  Your customers want to do business with a real person. Give them a chance to talk to you.  This leads us to Tip number 2.

Tip #2 – write in plain language.  

Your business is probably already successful, you just need to get in front of more people.  Be yourself on your website, its’ your website, your business.  Don’t try to sterilize your message to some generic monotone for the purposes of not offernding anyone.  That type of language is boring and shows no character.  Again, your customers do business with you because you are good at what you do, but also because you are who you are.  Carry your personality to your website.

Tip #3 – give, don’t take.

On the trade show floor I teach my customers you get paid for the information you get, not the information you give.  That only works when the person is standing in front of you.  Most of the information we gain at a trade show is from body language.  No body language on a website!  For your website, you get paid for the lessons you teach, not the message you preach!  Give away your knowledge—unless it is proprietary.  Most of my leads come by way of knowledge I’ve shared with friend.  They in turn tell their friends, “you have to talk with Ed, he knows how to solve your problem…”

Tip #4 – success begets success.

Don’t beg.  Share the stories of success, not the woes of your plight.  Nobody cares if you are trying to get that bonus, or if your vendor is giving away a car if you just sell enough…phooey!  Talk about the people you help and how you helped them.  For new businesses this is most difficult because you don’t have the history, but you do have stories you can share from before you started your business.  That experience counts too.

Your business can either be stale and boring on the net or filled with your personality.  Your choice.  Now if you don’t have a personality, call me, we can help with some improve training. 


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