WordPress Website Maintenance Service

WordPress Website Maintenance ServiceKeeping your WordPress software backed up and updated is critical. With nearly 5 million lines of code, WordPress security patches and updates are released every two to three weeks. After each update, plug-in and theme updates are also released—creating a never ending stream of almost daily updates.

Updating the WordPress software is an easy enough process as all of them are single click processes. Backing up your software is also very simple, also a one click process. But sometimes (as is typical in the world of technology) an update is released a little to early and creates a compatibility issue with other plug-ins or theme files. These are the updates that scare business owners into in action…when an update breaks your website it could take days and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to fix.

WordPress suggests running backups before updating the software AND testing the updates before applying them to the live website. Difficult for business owners to perform, since they don’t have the test servers web developers have.

The result is WordPress Business sites run without being updated…month and month, sometimes a year or more (if it makes it that long.) Hackers love WordPress websites running older software because they can easily take them over to use to attack other websites, promote porn, or worse—steal your client data.

We offer two options for keeping your website software updated.

  1. Monthly WordPress Management Service
  2. Time and material service agreement


Our WordPress Management Service includes:

  • Website security monitoring & support
  • Secure weekly off-site backups
  • Update WordPress Core
  • Update Theme/Plug-in files
  • Website Hosting

Time and Materials WordPress Website Support

  • Secure Off-site Website Backups
  • Update WordPress Core
  • Update Theme/Plug-in files

The Time and Materials WordPress Website Support program can be modified to fit your business needs.  Some customers have us publish new testimonials, refresh website photos and even publish new website content.

We test all updates on our local servers before applying them to your live website.  For this reason we offer an update guarantee, if anything goes wrong after an update, we’ll fix it for free.

Got questions?

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