Is search engine optimization dead?

Short answer, no.  Per SearchEngine Journal, 53% of all website traffic come from an organic search.  This means your website still needs to be built with search engine ranking in mind.  Blogging, video posts, and even podcasting all help with your content optimization, but each has their place and a business today can not count on just one method to drive traffic.

Blogging has always been a strong search optimization tool, but where once a business needed only blog to gain rankings, now blogging is just one spoke in the wheel.  The key term is relevancy and consumer search methods.

Without getting too technical, blogging is the time-based optimization tactic for your website, but you must also include PDFs, social media cross posts, images, videos, reviews, inbound links, and now podcasts…all referencing the same consumer solution (keyword) and each providing backup for the other.

Marcus Sheridan talks about consumer centered content in his book titled “They Ask You Answer”.  His thesis is to stop selling and start answering their questions.  People consume knowledge in a myriad of different ways.  They read it, listen to it, and watch it.  Friends give them recommendations. They ask their smart speaker or smart phone for help.  The more technology options your business provides to answer the question, the more likely you are to gain the traffic.

Let’s talk a little about podcasting.  Google’s AI not translated the spoken word and uses it for search results.  Content in a podcast must be consumer solution focused to become a positive relevancy score factor, but when done correctly, audio content development becomes a valuable link and traffic building tool.  When combined with strategic, well-written web pages, blog posts, and social media postings, podcast content can become one of your strongest lead sources.  Why?

Content competition.  There are trillions of web pages, millions of hours of video, hundreds of millions of tweets and Facebook postings…but podcast content is still relatively low in total quantity.  Quality content published via podcast search engines has a higher chance of being consumed and on the internet, consumption equals ranking.

In conclusion, search engine optimization is NOT dead, but it requires a lot more moving parts.

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